This past Sunday, the Gospel spoke of how we ought to be the salt and light the world needs. It concluded with this line:

Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.

Matthew 5:16

After we read it in class, we spent time on Friday discussing it. Near the end of our conversation, I pointed to the reaction that we should desire from others. As we strive to live as salt and light, we should desire that people give praise to God for what they see instead of praising us.

I looked at a student and said, “We want people to look and say, ‘See how ___________________ lives! Praise God he lives in this way!'” As I said this, his face seemed to sober, like he was considering what it would mean for this to be true.

And even though I was the one who said it and I’m not sure they found it that remarkable, I have been unable to forget that moment. Because immediately after I said that, my heart was filled with a longing for this to be truly said of me. I want my life to be lived in such a way that people can point to it and say, “Praise God for what has happened through Trish.”

The Lord frequently amazes me with the ways He uses to speak to me and convict me of old truths in new ways. Sometimes it is words from a student and sometimes it is my own words. The words of the Gospel can point to new understandings when viewed in slightly different ways. May He never stop inviting us to be lifelong witnesses of His transformative mercy.

Photo by Gabriela Gutierrez on Unsplash

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