It was in the middle of a meeting and she got a call.  Stepping outside the room, she spoke for a moment and then quickly came back to collect her things.

“One of my children is bleeding everywhere.  I’m sorry, I have to go.”  With a hasty flourish, she was out of the room and jogging towards her car.

My first thought?  Such is the life of a mother.  Simply, such is the life of a parent.  You put aside your own plans, needs, and desires because you immediately respond to those of your children.

My second thought?  If this is how a mother loves, how much more does our Heavenly Father love us?  It almost seems silly, but I was nearly brought to tears at the mere thought.  The Father’s love, in light of this responsive mom, seemed concrete and palpable.  This mother ran to her child’s aid because she knew her presence was needed.  God the Father loves us even more than this mom loves her child.  His heart aches to meet us in the midst of our need, bodily or otherwise.

The Lord is continually seeking to reveal Himself to me.  Faster than a parent can race to a child’s side, God’s constant presence reassures us that He sees us in our need and desires to fill that place of poverty.


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