I read a few days ago that one of the most prominent failures of teachers is the failure to love and it was a quick jab to the stomach of my pride. Not to mention, it came from St. Augustine and isn’t so easy to dispel with excuses and circumstances.

But the psychological failures that Deogratias must most be on guard against is a failure in love. Deogratias must learn how to step outside of himself. He must learn to teach with joyful self-forgetfulness. The real difficulty lies not in questions of content, nor of technique, but in the teacher’s own heart. For when the teacher takes delight in what he says, that is, when he loves both his subject and his students, then students also will enjoy what he has to say.

St. Augustine” by Ryan Topping, p. 60

So…there’s that.

And I walked back into my classroom with a conscious realization that while I may do many things well, Augustine was right. I fail to love. I love some but not enough. I love in instances but not in entirety. And I couldn’t help but think that this teaching gig is a true preparation for Heaven (or parenthood…whichever comes first).

This teacher’s heart is the reason for this blog. It needed a space to search and question and ache over what happened in the classroom. And while many things in life have changed (and many things haven’t), I still find a need for this continued call for conversion. I need to be reminded that this heart is incredibly important and not just for myself, but for the young souls entrusted to my care.

Augustine isn’t offering something easy, but he is offering a way for the art of teaching to be perfected and purified. Perfected of my own smallness and love-limited-heart and imbued with the purifying fire of God’s mercy. Teaching seems to keep my heart in a flame that both reveals my vast imperfections and yet offers a way for them to be scorched away or transformed in a redeeming fire, if I will but let it.

I need to let it be stretched and pushed and prodded to grow wider and deeper and more radically converted.

I just need to keep my heart in the fire.

So…there’s that.

Photo by Ales Maze on Unsplash

One thought on “The Teacher’s Own Heart

  1. I know some students are hard to love (i was one of those) but knowing you I’m sure you are doing a fine job. Keep it up and God Bless.


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