Lent is fast approaching.

Even though I’ve been consistently thinking about Lent over the past few weeks and prepping my students and small group for it, I still haven’t fully decided what I will be giving up/adding to my life for the next 40 days. Many ideas are swirling around, but I haven’t landed on specifics yet. This morning, I was talking with one of the prisoners and after I explained a little about Lent, he asked what I would be doing for it. Great question, friend, I thought, I’m not quite certain yet.

However, there is still time to decide. Time to prayerfully consider how we can draw nearer to the Lord’s heart as we wander into the desert so that He may speak to our hearts more intentionally.

To that end, I created a Lenten devotional for you (and me)! I’m excited about this little project and I hope that it will enable us to have a more fruitful Lent. (Click picture below for the pdf)

Seeking After His Heart’s Lent 2020 Devotional!

A few details about this devotional. (If you want to see it, just click the image above!)

The structure is simple because Lent isn’t about doing complicated or complex things. Perhaps more than any other time, Lent is about simplifying, about returning to the Source for nourishment and rest, about becoming littler so that Jesus can be our savior. Each week includes a reflection, essentially a blog post that relates to a theme for the week. At the end of the reflection are a few questions to consider, perhaps a prayer to pray or a short video to watch. Once again, it is simple. I assume you’ve already decided what you are adding or taking away from your life for Lent and so I didn’t want to include a laundry list of additional things for you. Just a few suggestions that might help carry the reflection into our lives. Following that is a list of the Mass readings for that week. (If you utilize it online, the USCCB website is linked for the readings each day.)


Simple, but hopefully a helpful aid in your Lenten journey. It begins now with a reflection to help guide your Lenten prayer, fasting, and almsgiving and continues through the Easter Octave.

Thank you, friends, for making this Lenten journey with me. May the Lord lead you into the desert and speak to your hearts. And may we have the grace to hear His voice and respond wholeheartedly.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the devotional or if you have any brilliant ideas of what a devotional ought to contain that I didn’t include.

Image from Unsplash

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