I wonder what caused the Little Red Hen to be what she was.

You know, the story about the Little Red Hen who does all the work and nobody else will help her?  My whole life this story has been presented in a way that makes it seem like the Little Red Hen is in the right and everyone else in the wrong.  Of course, the others should have helped do the work and not simply expect to partake of the end result.  Yet it still calls to mind a question: did the Little Red Hen behave in the way she ought to have behaved?

I haven’t thought of this story in years.  The other day, after running around and feeling like others weren’t working nearly as hard as I was, I thought of this story.  A little annoyed and a little bitter, I knew the Little Red Hen would understand what I was feeling.  Yet I also knew that this wasn’t the best place for my heart.

The practice of being attentive to my heart was working, but I still found myself partly desiring to be in a position of annoyed frustration.  It was a burden to be upset with people.  It weighs more heavily on my heart now than it used to.  However, I also didn’t want to do what was necessary for peace to reign in my heart.  It meant getting over myself, recognizing that people can’t read my mind, and asking for help if I need it.  Moving from frustration to peace would involve surrender and forgiving people for wrongs they didn’t know I thought they were committing.

The Little Red Hen and I could be best friends.  Not because I feel overworked or constantly underappreciated, although there are moments, but because we are both quick to get exasperated with others.  This heart of mine is so slow to be merciful, so hesitant to pour out leniency and understanding instead of snap judgments and justice as I see fit.

I don’t want to be the Little Red Hen.  My heart can’t long endure that kind of tension and stress.  The stubborn part of me wants to, but I can’t have a soft heart and simultaneously make it a fortress of steel.  Something has to give.  It hasn’t given yet, but something needs to.  Let’s see what the Lord can do with this upcoming Holy Week and crushing a heart of stone.  Chances are good He has something in mind.

Photo Credits:
(Yes, probably not a hen….and not really red….but, you get the idea!)
by Rachel Lees on Unsplash

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