I decided today that I would change the light bulb in my bedroom that had burned out a couple months ago.  As I spun the glass dome off the fixture, I was surprised to find that two light bulbs were out.  My room was being lit by one 40 watt light bulb.

In the matter of a few moments, I had replaced the two burnt out bulbs with two 60 watt bulbs.  And what a difference it made!  I left my room to throw the light bulbs away and when I re-entered my room, I was amazed by how bright it was.

I had been living in a half-dark room for months.

I had been living in the half-dark for months.

And because I am me, it couldn’t just be about a light bulb or a bedroom.  Instead, I immediately began to wonder how this applied to my life.  What areas of my life are half-dark?  How many things do not have the proper light shed on them because I am too lazy or unwilling to attempt it?

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