Thoughts for this day:

The God who created this vast universe with numerous solar systems and millions of planets and stars, also created the intricate design found within each cell in our body.

Sometimes a pan of sliced almonds set on broil (and forgotten about for eight or so minutes) will start a fire.  And it will cause you to call your dad into the room who will blow out the fire and dump out the ruined almonds.  It will also be a good dose of humility and remind your mom that things don’t matter–because you ruined her lovely new baking sheet.

Little kids will rarely cooperate for a picture you want to take of them, but will voluntarily jump in on pictures you don’t want them in.  And they will do so with picture perfect smiles.

People can change.  It is a wonderful thing.

Crazy as it might sound, I still have days where I want to pack a few things in a hiking backpack and go walk for a month….again.

Discussing t-shirt options with three men and suggesting we take more time to choose the shirt will result in men very eager to make the decision immediately.  I should have known.

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