Many Are Called: A Book Review

What does it mean to be a priest?  Amidst the scandals within the Church, many have a fundamental misunderstanding of the priesthood.  In Scott Hahn’s ­Many Are Called: Rediscovering the Glory of the Priesthood, the multi-faceted beauty of the ordained priesthood is revealed.  Hahn’s work delves into what a priest is in his roles as mediator, provider, teacher, warrior, judge, bridegroom, celibate father, and brother.

Each chapter, centering around interesting stories and insightful examples, helps to deepen the understanding of this supernatural vocation.  The goal is not to claim that all men who are priests are perfect, but rather to elevate our understanding of the role that they are being asked to fulfill.  Speaking from his own role as a father, Scott Hahn is quick to say that God has “conferred a more perfect, and ultimately more fulfilling, fatherhood on…those he has called to the priesthood.”  His work is deeply rooted in Scripture, drawing in Old and New Testament passages to flesh out the picture of the priesthood of the new covenant.  It is not an institution that was created my man, but is a role that God has been preparing for since the foundation of the world, from Adam to Pope Francis.

To know the meaning of the priesthood, will almost necessarily involve a deeper love and respect for the men who live this role.  Understanding the priesthood, will lead more young men to consider what God’s call may be in their life, too.  “When a young man tells me he’s never been attracted to the priestly life, I know one thing for certain: He’s never really understood the priesthood.”

I received this book for free through Blogging for Books.

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